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Using ROYALboard Fascia to make your house elegant
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Choosing the Best Quality Material for your House Roof-Ceiling

Aside from being a barrier between the roof and the room below, a ceiling also functions as a protector of the house. Therefore, the ceiling durability must be high so that the ceiling installation must be done correctly. A common problem that we usually encounter on the ceiling is the appearance of water seepage stains, cracks and fractures. To anticipate these things, always choose a ceiling with high quality material, so that it is sturdy and durable.

ROYALboard is silicate board made from a mixture of silica sand and cement, which is reinforced with cellulose fiber, and is further processed by the Autoclave drying technique, making it not cracked due to a heat-related shrinkage. ROYALboard is suitable to be applied to various parts of your home, espesially for roof celining. This is because of its good resistance to water moisture, fire, termites, and collisions damage.

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