ROYALboard Application for All Your Home Needs
Tips for Staying Comfortable in the Rainy Season

How to Apply ROYALboard Classic to Your House Roof-Ceilling and Wall-Partition

With the increasing price and decreasing availability of wood, ROYALboard silicate boards can be the right choice for decorating your home. By applying the ROYALboard silicate board, you can get a natural sensation from inexpensive and environmentally friendly artificial materials. It doesn't take long to install a silicate board, you just need to pay attention to the following easy steps:

1. Calculate the needs of the RB board with the ceiling / wall surface area to be installed,

2. Install the RB board with spikes / screws that match the recommendations (you can see the guide in the ROYALboard manual technical guide),

3. For boards with a thickness of 3.5mm, it is recommended to use a wooden frame with nails, while the thickness of 4.5mm can use a metal frame with screws,

4. Pay attention to the type and distance of the recommended screw / screw.

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