Using ROYALboard Fascia to make your house elegant
Exploit Your House Ceiling to Clear Space for the Room

Beautify Your House by applying Room Partitions

Using partitions is usually done by many people when they want to parts the room in their house. Aside from its parting fuction, room partitions can also be used as a tool to beautify the house. So, to make your house looking more beautiful, you can choose a baffle that matches the theme or color in your room. You can also use a room divider in the form of a silicate board that has strong resistance to weather, mold, termites, fire and water, making it more durable.

Silicate board is sturdy and strong enough to hold any load your house will have so you don't need to worry about installing decorations on the wall, because there won't be cracks due to hammer beats or drill pressure when installing nails.

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