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Silicate Board As an Alternative Building Material

Building a Termite Free House

Termites are one type of insect species which its main food is goods made of wood (cellulose). This causes termites to be considered as pests in house, especially if the majority of the structure of the house foundation is made from wood. Therefore, here we will give you several tips that might be useful for building termite resistant homes.

1. Get rid of the remnants of unused woods, dead trees, and roots around the house because it is very suitable for termite to build its nest

2. If the house is made from wood, avoid direct contact between the wood and the soil as much as possible

3. Use other alternatives than woods, such as calcium silicate board that could be applied for partition, ceiling, decoration and fence

4. Mixing it with an anti-termite ingredients (could be find in building stores) and paint it on the building foundation will make it resistant to termite attacks

5. Contact termite prevention services that have many methods of controlling termite pests.

That are several tips of building a house that resistant to termites. Use a good quality material to prevent your house from termite attacks. ROYALboard is also one of good quality silicate board that could be used as an alternative of woods which are produced by using the latest technologies of autoclave, therefore it’s really sturdy and durable, very suitable to be applied for house interior or house exterior. In addition, the ROYALboard board also has exceptional resistance to weather, fire, water, termites, fungi, collisions and soundproofing. Hope those tips might be useful for you!

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