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ROYALboard in IndoBuildTech Exhibition 2019


Building a Termite Free House

Termites are one type of insect species which its main food is goods made of wood (cellulose). This causes termites to be ...

Several Partitions Advantages!

The room partition not only functions as a wall but indeed can also be used as an ...

Exploit Your House Ceiling to Clear Space for the Room

The attic room is usually located under a roof with a limited ceiling height so that ...

Beautify Your House by applying Room Partitions

Using partitions is usually done by many people when they want to parts the ...

Using ROYALboard Fascia to make your house elegant

In addition to functioning to strengthen the list, the listplank also functions as a tool to beautify an exterior ...
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Choosing the Best Quality Material for your House Roof-Ceiling

Aside from being a barrier between the roof and the room below, a ceiling also functions as a protector of the ...

Tips for Staying Comfortable in the Rainy Season

With increasingly erratic weather, rain can come suddenly. This condition makes us demanded to be more ...

How to Apply ROYALboard Classic to Your House Roof-Ceilling and Wall-Partition

Wood is increasingly rare and expensive. Calcium silicate material from ROYALboard products that are processed like wood ...