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Raw Live From Mexico City
Wrestling Recent Results For Weekend Of 6/17/2011

This past Saturday night, Booker T’s Reality of Wrestling returned to the Clear Lake Sports & Recreation Center in Houston a different night of live wrestling action. The event, “Christmas Chaos 7,” also featured three matches that will appear on the next DVD.

Abel Andrew Jackson picked up a enlighten Jasper “The Hammer” Davis. Jackson hit a low blow on Davis even though everyone referee wasn’t able to determine it, and scored what many feel to are a cheap success. Jackson broke his losing streak receiving his first ROW victory, but also broke the hearts of fans looking to see him get humiliated.

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The event itself got underway with WWE “SmackDown” GM and ROW Owner Booker T coming out and thanking the crowd for their support as ROW hit a vital milestone. Then promised that big things were on the way for that fans.

It’s bad enough this particular gimmick match TNA chose is dumb but the winner of the match at Bound for Glory didn’t win factor. The order of elimination decided the seeding for a tournament to determine a number one contender. So TNA wants a PUBG BP hack Android to determine a tournament to decide a 1 contender determine a title match? Too complicated.

WWE Divas Champion Natalya and Melina seem all but a ‘lock’ for Sunday’s Royal Rumble with their straight-forward ‘respect’ feud. The feud can be easily one of the most interesting Diva angle on WWE using time, and that’s saying something, has not been given it’s predictable mid-card correct the next PPV along with that is odd. Expect more words to be exchanged and match to get signed tonite. Melina making this slow turn into a heel is an innovative move and give Ms. Neidhart a legit challenge.

Simpson has emerged given that greatest “sports hex” considering 2004 Boston Red Sox exorcised bane of the Bambino using a victory about the Series, ending almost 90 years of futility once the Babe took his bat and glove and brobdingnagian appetites down the Boston Post Road for the Big Apple inc. Simpson had attended the December 16, 2007 Cowboy game against the Philadelphia Eagles, sitting typically the stands in the pink Dallas jersey with Romo’s number on that will.

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