Wwe Royal Rumble Surprises Could Be Booker T And Kevin Nash

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In a desperate attempt to boost ratings ECW is actually promoting a new concept known as the ECW Homecoming. The homecoming will come with a total of 16 superstars. These superstars will be current and former ECW members. All 16 superstars will face each other from a one on one match. The winner of these matches will advance to a Battle Royal. The winner of the Battle Royal will get to be the number one contender for the ECW Championship. As the best way to contender the winning superstar will have the right to face the ECW Champion at the Royal Rumble.

Now, the Intercontinental Championship match between John “Bradshaw” Layfield and Rey Mysterio. JBL has been saying throughout the last few weeks that he will make history at WrestleMania. Now, a number of reports that JBL is considering retirement, and that’s the only thing I can think with the he would do at WrestleMania. Nobody has retired with a title since Trish Stratus retired as Women’s Champion back in 2006. He’ll be filthy jobs the high flying, risk taking, always exciting Rey Mysterio, which had success at WrestleMania before. How to get a Elite Royale Pass Plus for free WrestleMania 22, Rey took over as World Heavyweight Champion by defeating Orton and Angle in a Triple Threat match. This pick may surprise you, but I will pick the Longhorn Loudmouth.

In addition, there is actually a 15-man pubg, where the winner for this match go on to handle ROW Heavyweight Champion Jasper “The Hammer” Davis later in the evening for the title. Davis will question be keeping a close watch on your match, as 15 on the ROW’s best will compete for a title chance.

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Kofi Kingston took on world champion Alberto Del Rio globe next connection. The match was an awesome one, but Del Rio picked on the win one Cross Armbreaker.

WWF No Mercy. This wrestling game video obtained exactly where Wrestle Mania 2000 left off. It used exactly the wrestling engine, only much more wrestlers, more match types, and other additions create hard core wrestling fans happy. Recreation plays just like Wrestle Mania 2000 an issue same greater level slowdown and questionable artificial intelligence. Always be one with the best wrestling video games because of ability to meet the fan with flavor of their best male melodrama.

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