Wwe Raw Returns To Msg

Wrestlemania Xxv: Undertaker Versus Shawn Michaels
More On Last Friday’s Wwe Releases

Terrell Owens, wearing dark sunglasses to mask his emotions, fought back tears as he defended Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo after their team’s stunning loss to the underdog New York Giants in the nfc divisional championship computer game. Owens implored the press not to blame Romo for the loss, but insisted that the entire team was responsible for coming short up against the Giants in a sport that was the gateway to the nation’s Football Conference championship game, which brought about Superbowl XLII.

Money secured Ladder Match (C. Michael. Punk, Carlito, Shelton Benjamin, Ken Kennedy, MVP, Chris Jericho, and John Morrison). This match will be intense and high-flying. A visit will because the one to retrieve a briefcase along with a Championship contact inside from high above the ring.

24-Man pubg -The winner will get a chance to deal with the current ECW Champion immediately following the pubg. Numerous of the participants include Kane, Mark Henry, Big Daddy V, Chuck Palumbo, Jaime Noble, The Great Khali, plus stars from Smackdown and Raw.

With final spots secured it appear too like Sheamus will become champion inside of the land of extreme. Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe when he defeated John Cena at Tables, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds unlimited BP cheats APK Ladders, and Chairs to end up being the new WWE Champion. One night later Sheamus shocked the WWE Universe again by winning the Slammy for Breakout Star of the year. Sheamus is on a roll and shows no signs and symptoms of slowing down, which means that I thought he the great shot at winning the homecoming and defeating Christian in the Royal Rumble to end up being the new ECW Champion.

Unfortunately this is when the wheels came up from the match. Austin and McMahon started the match and before Austin could eliminate McMahon, #3 Golga came out, who was eliminated promptly by Austin tx. This led to McMahon leaving the ring (under the ropes so he wouldn’t be eliminated), which caused Austin to give chase. This led to Austin getting jumped by Mr. McMahon’s Corporation backstage and getting taken towards hospital.

The top level was meant to be CM Punk vs. Paul Heyman. However, Heyman went to the ring and called out Brock Lesnar and said it will be a handicap match. He stated either Punk would be stupid and accept maybe a smart coward. Instead, Punk attacked Brock from behind and destroyed him with a camera. As Brock stayed down in obvious pain, Punk chased Heyman on the ramp, just by Curtis Axel to confrontation. Punk took out Axel with the GTS and stood triumphant as “Monday Night Raw” ended.

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