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Bret Hart and Teddy Long find ourselves at the ring to spread out Raw. They hype the very original Viewers Choice Edition of Raw where fans vote for matches and conditions and terms. Randy Orton comes out with his arm in a sling and tells Bret to forget pertaining to the viewers choice. He states that he wants Edge tonight and only Bret will provide him with to him or he is to be able to find him and take care of him. Edge happens and tells Bret to give Orton what he chooses. Long whispers in Bret’s ear and Bret says the fans in the arena will decide. The choices are: a debate, a sit up contest, or a match where definitely one of Edge’s arms is tied behind his back. The fans choose the match and Edge is upset about they. Long then introduces the first Viewers Choice match of the evening.

Also, A 12-Man pubg – while the winner faces Daniel Bryan later through the night for u . s . Championship! The pubg participants include Zack Ryder, R-Truth, David Otunga, John Morrison, Vladimir Kozlov, William Regal, Alex Riley, Justin Gabriel, Goldust, Primo, Ezekiel, Ted DiBiase, Heath Slater, Michael McGillcutty, Husky Harris and David Hart Smith.

Kane beat Titus O’Neal in the following match but the Wyatt Family came out after the match. As soon as the lights came back on, Kane was no more in the ring, having escaped to the very top of the ramp.

The locker room emptied out to congratulate Dane, but another brawl started. Issues between the two sides were clearly not resolved after what was a wild No Disqualification match to unify the page titles. It was definitely an explosive way to terminate the year for NWA Houston.

In among the many highlight matches, David “Super” Duperon defended the NWA Lone Star Junior Heavyweight Championship against “One Man” Mike Dell. These two battled from side to side in what turned to be able to be a tremendous match. Duperon threw everything he had at Dell, nearly putting the challenger to sleep on a pair of occasions.

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