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RB Cornice is a practical solution for decorating the ceiling list, which will make the ceiling look more aesthetic. RB Cornice is available in several peripheral options (Profiles) that can be combined suitable to the taste and design needed.

RB Cornice is processed by the latest Autoclave technology. It is a durable, termite resistant, and wet resistant board, that is suitable for various rooms in your office and residence.

Type Dimension (mm) Weight Per Sheet (kg)
Cornice Teak B 8 x 75 x 2440 2.2
Cornice Teak BG 8 x 75 x 2440 2.2
Cornice Teak C 8 x 75 x 2440 2.1
Cornice Teak CG 8 x 75 x 2440 2.1
Cornice is generally any horizontal decorative molding that crowns a building along the top of an interior wall.RB Cornice which is 8 mm thick and 75 mm wide and has a plain surface (Teak) looks slim and make your room line well confirmed. RB Cornice has 2 profile variants namely Curve (C) and Bevel (B), as well as a combination of neat water straps or Groove (G) in the center of the product, making it look even more attractive.
Like other ROYALboard Silicate Board products, RB Cornice is made from a mixture of silica sand and cement, which is reinforced with cellulose fiber, and is further processed by the Autoclave drying technique, making it durable, termite resistant and not easily curved.

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