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In terms of interior design, ceilings and walls are often used only as backgrounds. So as to make them more dynamic, a more compact and beautiful ceiling and wall are needed.

RB Siding is easy to apply because it does not require any special skills. In addition to adding aesthetics, it is also resistant to fire because it is produced with Autoclave technology, so it is very suitable to be applied as a ceiling or wall cover.

Type Dimension (mm) Weight Per Sheet (kg)
Siding Teak 2BG 8 x 150 x 2440 4.4
Siding Teak 2BG 8 x 200 x 2440 5.8
Siding Teak LG 8 x 300 x 2440 8.4
Siding Teak L 9 x 230 x 3660 10.25
Siding Walnut L 9 x 230 x 3660 10.25
RB Plank is a silicate board that are resistant to fire and water, therefore it’s very appropriate to be used for exterior needs such as fascia, facade, or fence and also for interior needs such as ceiling, wall decoration and skirting.
Aside from having good resistance to weather and collisions, RB Plank are also resistant to fungal and termite attacks, making the home become more comfortable and eco-friendly.
There are three variants of RB Plank namely the classic teak, the walnut with wood texture and the bevel with profile on each sides. Both three of them could be painted as desired, therefore it is very suitable for you who have a classic, modern or minimalist style house
Generally, the ceiling and the wall usually become a background of the interior element of room. Therefore, in order to make it more dynamic, RB Siding are needed to beautify it. RB Siding are available in various width sizes such as 150 mm, 200 mm, and 300 mm with several profile options. RB Siding is very easy to install because there’s no special skills needed. Being produced by using the latest of Autoclave technology, making RB Siding is really appropriate to apply it as the ceiling or wall cover in your house

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