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ROYALboard Application for All Your Home Needs

Meeting the needs of Indonesian families for a safe and comfortable home, ROYALboard offers a wide selection of silicate boards that can be used for all types of spaces. Starting from the family room, bedroom, bathroom, or terrace of the house. As a versatile silicate board, ROYALboard can be used as a home ceiling, partition, wall, fence, and ceiling.

There are two product variants, namely RB Board and RB Plank. RB boards (or RB Classic) can be applied as partitions of walls and ceilings of houses. For the ceiling of a house, it can be formed according to the desired design so that it can be more varied and no longer boring.

The second variant is the RB Planks (RB Fascia, RB Cornice, RB Skirting, and RB Sidding) which can be applied as roofing plates, wall plintings, plint floors, and facades. The RB Plank also has 2 texture variants, namely Teak (plain texture) and Walnut (wood texture). With these several texture variants, RB Plank can be applied with the desired design, from classic, modern, to minimalist.

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