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Lisplang Solutions in All Weather

Worried that your building accessories will not survive the extreme weather ? There is a way to overcome that problem.

Extreme weather often occurs during the transition season. In conditions like this, sunny weather can be replaced by sudden heavy rain, or otherwise heavy rains continue with intense heat and then rain again. Erratic weather like this can damage residential materials, especially the exterior of the house (exterior). One of the exterior materials of a building that is exposed or directly affected by the weather is the lisplang. The quality of the material must be chosen based on the conditions in accordance with your place of residence. The country of Indonesia is a country with two seasons, namely the rainy season and summer. Therefore, when the transition season occurs, you have to choose a material that is resistant to water as well as heat resistance.

Lisplang is located at the end of the roof tile and causes the lisplang to always be exposed to sunlight, cold air, and also the wetness by the rain directly and continuously, so that a strong and effective material is needed to deal with it.

ROYALboard has plastic products that meet the criteria above. The ROYALboard platform, known as the RB Fascia, is made of a mixture of silica sand, cement, and cellulose fiber as reinforcement. In addition, the Fascia RB also uses autoclave technology which makes it waterproof, heat resistant, and has a relatively small shrinkage.

The products produced by ROYALboard have high durability due to the Autoclave process so that all goods experience perfect drying. To increase attractiveness, in addition to ROYALboard products can be directly painted, also available with a choice of profiles that are varied, making the display more dynamic. With a large selection of ROYALboard products and weather resistance, your occupancy will always be optimal in all weather conditions.

ROYALboard produces silicate board products with complete types and variants with high durability and resistance to air and fire. In addition, the products produced by ROYALboard also use autoclave technology, where each product is dried completely so that the expansion level and shrinkage are relatively smaller.

ROYALboard products that can be used for ceilings and walls can use RB Classic, while for wall decor can use RB Siding. The three ROYALboard materials are ready to be created with various decorations or coloring so that it looks more attractive.

For additional aesthetics on occupancy, you can use lisprofil and floors that are in accordance with RB Cornice and RB Skirting. Both of these products are simple decorations that will maximize the appearance of your room. This product also has advantages like other ROYALboard products. Thus, you can have a minimalist and natural style residence

If you use ROYALboard products as building materials for your dwelling, then you do not need to worry about building resilience because the building will be safe from all kinds of materials that can damage common materials, such as termites, fungi, air, and fire.

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