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Tips for Staying Comfortable in the Rainy Season

With increasingly erratic weather, rain can come suddenly. This condition makes us demanded to be more vigilant about the condition of the house due to heavy rain or the amount of wind blowing. Then what should we do to keep the house comfortable in the rainy season?

1. Check the condition of the roof, whether there are cracks or loose joints. If there are cracks, you can provide waterproof to cover all existing cracks. If there is a tile connection or a loose fiber cement roof, you can simply rearrange the connection so that rainwater cannot enter between the loose connections. Do this every two to three months.

2. Next, check the ceiling part of the house, if there is seepage coming from the roof of the house. Avoid standing water in the upper part, so that water cannot seep towards the ceiling. Repair or replace the house ceiling immediately if there is damage. If the ceiling is damaged and moist is allowed to continue, the result will be fatal.

3. Pay attention to the slope angle of the tile to maximize the ability of the tile in blocking rainwater. The ceramic tile slope angle needed is around 30 degrees, while for cement fiber roof it takes around 15 degrees.

4. The home terrace also needs special attention, to protect it from rain. You can add a canopy measuring one meter or more on the terrace of the house.


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