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Painting Technique for Displaying Charming Wood Accents

Minimalist Modern with Natural Shades

Modern minimalist building design is still a trend in the present. This building can be in the form of hotels, villas and private homes. With a modern design combined with several minimalist building ornaments make the building more attractive and visually artistic.

Minimalist modern is created from a combination of various forms and models of ornaments that are minimally formed from accessories, but can consist of several combinations of suitable building materials. The selected building material components will provide a considerable contribution in displaying modern and minimalist dwellings. The three walls, ceiling, and floor elements are the main factors that will create decorations for achieving a dream room in a dwelling. In addition, the selection of colors and patterns is also very influential in realizing the design. Wood is a material that is widely used for modern and minimalist designs because natural wood colors and patterns seem to be the right mix and are widely used in modern and minimalist designs.

One material that is widely used for wood substitutes is silicate boards. Many silicate boards are applied to various functions with a minimalist style, such as walls, ceilings, and floors. On the other hand, material made of cement and silica sand can also save on various other costs because of the relatively fast and easy installation.

ROYALboard produces a complete type and variant of silicate board products with high durability and resistance to water, fire and impact. In addition, the products produced by ROYALboard also use autoclave technology, where each product is dried completely so that level shrinkage are relatively smaller.

ROYALboard products that can be applied to ceilings and walls can use RB Classic, while for wall decor can use RB Siding. The three ROYALboard materials are ready to be created with various kinds of decorations or coloring so that it looks more attractive.

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