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Painting Technique for Displaying Charming Wood Accents

Lately there has been a growing use of wood motifs to beautify homes and apartments that are applied to both interior and exterior. The main reason is the influence of wood motifs can add to the aesthetic value of the dwelling so that it looks natural and close to nature. In the past people used material with original products from wood, but for various reasons there was a shift where silicate boards are now being used. Today many consumers prefer to use silicate boards compared to the wood products themselves, for reasons of price comparison, durability and application. Silicate boards are calculated to be cheaper and easier to create to replace wood. On a silicate board with a plain surface, wood texture can be raised with the right painting technique. The following are the instructions for painting the silicate board to create a wood motif.

Tools and materials:
  • Fiber coat (Water Based)
  • Sealer (Solven Based)
  • Sandpaper (No. 400)
  • Brush
  • Water
Steps by steps:
  • Clean all the dust and remnants of cement attached to the surface of the product using a brush and dry cloth. Do not use sandpaper because it will damage the appearance of the fiber on ROYALboard.
  • Close the screw mounting holes or other holes with the appropriate compound or cement material (make sure the compound is completely dry before starting the painting process).
  • Apply a solvent based sealer to the entire surface to be painted evenly using a brush, without dilution. Allow to dry ± 120 minutes before application at the next stage. Make sure the entire surface of the base is coated with paint, including at the joint or meeting section.
  • Use water based paint for painting ROYALboard. Dilute the paint with clean water with a ratio of 10: 1 (10%) then stir until evenly distributed.
  • Apply water based paint to all surfaces that will be evenly painted by using a brush in the same direction (to give the impression of fiber on ROYALboard). Allow to dry for ± 120 minutes, before application in the next stage (depending on temperature and humidity).

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