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Silicate Board As an Alternative Building Material

Several Partitions Advantages!

The room partition not only functions as a wall but indeed can also be used as an ornament that designed the whole room itself. If you want to divide the room in the house in a beautiful and unique way, a drywall partition is one alternative that can be an option, which can be applied quickly and effectively.

Various choices of materials for drywall partitions are available, from calcium silicate boards, wood, cloth, bamboo, rattan, leather, glass, metal, vinyl, or even plastic. You can also choose a variety of building partitions in the form of display cabinets to wooden pillars towering from the floor to the ceiling of the room. Room partitions consist of various materials, colors, styles and sizes. For those who like animals, you can choose a living partition by giving freshwater or sea water fish to make your home interior more natural.

By selecting the right material of partitions, you need also to explore its function and strength, so it can be installed properly. For example, you choose a calcium silicate board as a partition, in addition to limiting, calcium silicate boards can also provide other benefits such as sound proof, wet resistance, heat absorbers, etc.

When placed in the kitchen, a partition from the calcium silicate board can help to reduce the heat from the kitchen to other room. While applied in the sink or bathroom, this calcium silicate board partition can be used to reduce moisture and uncomfortable sound from the bathroom. To get those performances, choose a reliable calcium silicate board with good quality. ROYAL board, a calcium silicate board is made from a mixture of silica sand, portland cement and quality cellulose fiber that goes through the autoclave process, so it has many advantages, such as fire & water resistance, sturdy, termite resistant and longer lasting. In addition to room partitions, the calcium silicate board from ROYALboard can also be used for decorating walls, fences and ceiling.

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