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Silicate Board As an Alternative Building Material

Silicate Board is now present as a building material solutions, that is also a substitute for other building materials, such as gypsum and plywood. Some of the disadvantages of these other materials are the lack of mold resistance, weathering, termite attacks, and moisture damage resistance. Gypsum and plywood are also not recommended for application in moist areas, for example: in the patio or bathroom area.

Silicate boards are made of cement and fiber so that they have better strength that can overcome any of these problems. In general, cement and fiber do have better resistance to mold, termites, and moisture than gypsum and wood. Therefore, the silicate board is suitable to be applied in all parts of the house for both interior and exterior. Besides being strong, silicate board also has a high density, thus making the silicate board has a good sound attenuation level. Houses that are free of noise will certainly make the occupants comfortable.

Although silicate board is made of solid and strong material, it still has a light weight and flexible shape. ROYALBOARD silicate board is made from a mixture of silica sand and cement that is reinforced with cellulose fiber, and is further processed by the Autoclave drying technique, making it making it durable, has a stable size, and not cracked due to a heat-related shrinkage. This makes the installation easy, neat, and more durable than other materials

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