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Silicate Board As an Alternative Building Material
ROYALboard in IndoBuildTech Exhibition 2019

ROYALboard in ARSItalk Discussion Forum

At the end of last February, ROYALboard took part in an Indonesian architecture discussion forum entitled ARSItalk. ARSItalk is an event that routinely held by a digital design and construction organization, Arsitag. This event is held in the seminar-like form, where several business entities will provide up-to-date information about their business and brand to share the knowledge and discuss it with the participants.

This time Arsitalk was held on Saturday, February 23rd, 2019 ago at Connext Cyber 2 Tower, Kuningan, Jakarta. The event was attended by 100 participants from various interests and professions such as architects, interior designers, building contractors, and architecture students.

The theme discussed by ROYALboard at this event was "Silicate Board for All Application, Effective Products to Achieve Durable Technical Solutions in Modern Buildings". It was presented by Mr. Ryanto Setiabudi from the ROYALboard Technical Support team where he use various product explanations and several product installation demonstrations. The participants were enthusiastic about the presentation given. Many questions were asked, ranging from how to paint wood motifs, the number of craftsmen needed in one installation, about product customization, to factory production capacity per month. The discussion went smoothly and the participants seemed satisfied with the results of the answered questions.

There are also several other speakers who provide discussions with different themes. For example Evan Tjahjadi from Indomegah Architect Partner with the theme "Fundamental Cost Estimation & Cost Control for Projects" and Alien Design Consultants that discuss their recent project: “Peacock Executive Port”. Also present PT. Granitoguna Building Ceramics who is a member of the same Djabesmen Group as ROYALboard.

Hopefully with this event, we’re able to share some knowledge with young builders and motivate them to be more creative with various applications from the ROYALboard silicate board. ROYALboard is a silicate board product with the shape of boards (RB Classic) and planks (RB Fascia, RB Cornice, and RB Skirting). These various shapes can be combined for any of your needs, ranging from ceilings, floor list, wall list, and roof list. In addition, ROYALboard is supported by its resistance to water and moisture, termite attacks, and impact effects. The installation process is also quick and practical because it does not require any special skills. The strong and beautiful quality of ROYALboard products is certainly the right choice to touch up your residence.

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