Hospitality Project
Clad RB

Beautify the look of your room with a charming RB Deco wall application that can be applied to home interiors and comes in a variety of unique design patterns. RB Deco comes with perfect cuts thanks to modern technology, resulting in unique patterns and designs in each sheet. Simple application with the right color can make RB Deco more appealing, beautiful and decorative.

RB Deco's production process, which uses Autoclave technology, makes RB Deco durable, termite-resistant, waterproof, and non-bouncy

Type Varian Dimension (mm) Weight Per Sheet (Kg)
Inspire Ardor 8 x 600 x 1200 3.8
Bubble 8 x 600 x 1200 3.8
Fertile Star 8 x 600 x 1200 3.8
The beauty of a room can be enhanced by an eye-catching accent wall created with RB Deco. RB Deco is a unique design pattern that can be used in home interiors. RB Deco will create a unique room atmosphere by using a paint finish that can be chosen and adapted to the design of the room.
RB Deco includes several types of Inspire, including Bubble, Ardor, and Fertile Star. Shown with interesting artistic work that goes beyond the usual field accents.

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