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ROYALboard is one of the products from DBC, which is a group of companies that have various kinds of high-quality building material products, and in accordance with SNI (Indonesian National Standard). With long experience as a manufacturer of building materials, we have gone through various examinations which include quality, procurement, service, distribution, and patterns of cooperation with suppliers. This experience is the basis for improving quality and productivity to meet the increasing market needs.

to respond the increasingly high market demand for wood substitute in building material industry, PT. Royalboard Banguninti Granito launches ROYALboard silicate board products, which are made from a mixture of silica sand and cement, and are reinforced with cellulose fiber. In addition to using quality raw materials, the latest Autoclave technology is used in the production process, to produce high quality products that are not easily cracked due to shrinkage expansion.

There are several variants of ROYALboard silicate boards available today, namely RB Classic, RB Fascia, RB Cornice, RB Skirting, RB Siding, RB Floor, RB Clad, and RB Deco. These products can be easily applied as wall decorations, partitions, house ceilings, and floor decorations.


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ROYALboard silicate board is made from a mixture of silica sand and cement, which is reinforced with cellulose fibers and processed by autoclaving drying techniques, so as not to crack due to shrinkage expansion.

ROYALboard silicate board is good for applying to various parts of your home, both exterior and interior. It is supported by its resistance to water and moisture, termite attacks, and impact effect. The installation process is also quick and practical because it does not require any special skills.