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ROYALboard in IndoBuildTech Exhibition 2019


Several Partitions Advantages!

The room partition not only functions as a wall but indeed can also be used as an ...

Exploit Your House Ceiling to Clear Space for the Room

The attic room is usually located under a roof with a limited ceiling height so that ...

Using ROYALboard Fascia to make your house elegant

In addition to functioning to strengthen the list, the listplank also functions as a tool to beautify an exterior ...

Tips for Staying Comfortable in the Rainy Season

With increasingly erratic weather, rain can come suddenly. This condition makes us demanded to be more ...

ROYALboard Application for All Your Home Needs

Meeting the needs of Indonesian families for a safe and comfortable home, ROYALboard offers ...

Painting Technique for Displaying Charming Wood Accents

Lately there has been a growing use of wood motifs to beautify homes and apartments that are applied to both interior and exterior.

Minimalist Modern with Natural Shades

Modern minimalist building design is still a trend. It can be hotels, villas and private homes.

Lisplang Solutions in All Weather

Worried that your building accessories will not survive the extreme weather ? There is a way to overcome that problem.